Teaming Tips Reference Card Set


The Professionalism Matters Teaming Tips Reference Card is designed to provide leaders of all levels with an at-a-glance view of essential leadership models and tips to provide real time support for daily teaming challenges. The card set includes ten (10) Teaming Tips Reference Cards.


Each Professionalism Matters Teaming Tips Reference Card includes the following:

Triple Constraint Model
Project managers and team leaders are constantly struggling to balance three primary constraints – scope, time, and cost (bigger, faster, cheaper) in order to maintain quality (better).  It’s important to keep this triple constraint model front of mind as real life challenges arise (e.g. customers/bosses change requirements, budgets are cut, etc.)

The New Time Management Model

The NEW Time Management Model introduces four key questions every busy professional should ask to help not just better manage their time but bring more sanity and meaning to their lives. The steps encourage leaders to focus primarily on developing the right “to do” list rather than how to get through it more quickly.  The model centers around four key questions:

  • Am I doing the right things?
  • Am I getting the biggest bang for my minute/hour/day?
  • Am I leveraging other resources that could do this better/quicker than I?

Conversation Crutches
All of us (and most certainly leaders) have experienced the dreaded “difficult conversation” whether it’s with an employee, manager, client, spouse, or other stakeholder.  The Conversation Crutches section provides helpful tips and specific suggestions for navigating these type situations with poise and confidence.

Task vs. Relationship Model
Virtually all leaders adopt a leadership style somewhere along the Task/Relationship continuum. The task focused leaders is referred to as The Bull”, and at the opposite end of the continuum, the relationship focused leader is referred to as “The Lamb”.  The ideal leadership style “The Thoroughbred” balances dual focus on task and relationship which provides necessary discipline and structure in the workplace while also building trust and authentic connections throughout the enterprise.


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