About Us

aboutimageWhat Makes Our Training Different:

Different by Design
Professionalism Matters workshops are highly interactive by design. True learning happens when participants roll up their sleeves, share their war stories, and get involved in the training experience! Workshops often include a wide range of instructional techniques including customized videos, case studies, role playing, small group activities, and more!

Practical Value
One of our biggest frustrations is training that’s steeped in theory leaving participants scratching their head when they return to work the next day. Our content is specifically designed to not just include leading theory but best practices derived directly from real world experience. Our workshops provide practical tips and techniques that participants can use immediately. Workshops typically conclude by asking participants to identify three specific actions they will take within the first 30 days after completing the workshop. This “30-day action plan” is designed to not just continue the learning but also encourage participants to practically apply learnings to their respective workplace.

Reinforcement and Ongoing Support
The training doesn’t end when the workshop ends. The “30 day plan” is mailed back to participants after completion of their workshop as a reminder of their commitments during the training class. In addition, some workshops include instructional take-home DVDs that continue the learning process. Also, the Professionalism Matters eResource Center offers access to a library of videos and articles on a variety of professional development topics.

Customized Programs
We believe strongly in customizing workshops to best suit each audience. Oftentimes, this can mean the difference between a course that’s good and one that’s amazing! We take the time to learn about each client’s specific situation so that we can customize content, activities, case studies or other elements that ensure that the content pushes the right buttons with each audience.

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