Are You Running A Meeting … Or Drowning in Chaos?



If you feel like you're too often drowning in chaos instead of effectively running your meeting, this video is for you! The video demonstrates invaluable techniques for starting your meeting off on the right foot and managing difficult meeting behavior.

Watch as this task team struggles with all too common meeting dysfunctions – the dominator, the rambler, and the multi-tasker – and learn how to manage them effectively. This video is great for use with training programs, teams, or individuals.



Video Highlights:

  • Great for individuals or groups
  • Use as a supplement to an instructor led training workshop or as a stand alone training tool

Topics Covered:

  • Setting the stage for an effective meeting
  • Developing your PAL (Purpose, Agenda, Limit)
  • Reviewing Ground Rules
  • Assigning roles for meeting management
  • Setting the context
  • Introducing the parking lot and action item list
  • Managing difficult meeting behavior

Two techniques are demonstrated to address each of the following behaviors:

  • “The Dominator” – learn techniques to manage dominating personalities without shutting down these meeting participants
  • “The Multitasker” – learn techniques for reengaging meeting participants as they become distracted and tempted to “multitask”
  • “The Rambler” – learn techniques to curtail rambling and refocus the discussion

Supplemental Training Opportunities:

  • The purchase of this video entitles the client to a 20% discount on a group training workshop (expires one year from date of video purchase)
  • Follow up training workshops include “Creating Meeting MAGIC!” and “Transform Your Meetings!”

Approximate run time: 22 minutes
Price: $89.00
Shipping: $4.99
Format: DVD – NTSC format only


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