Five Secrets to Virtually Cut Your Meeting Time in Half



How much time do you waste leading meetings that drag on and on with no end in site???? If your answer is “too much”, this video is for YOU!

Meetings don’t have to seem endless. There are a few simple secrets you can begin implementing today to drastically reduce the length of your meetings. Not only will these tips reduce your meeting time, but they will also encourage increased productivity, effectiveness, and enjoyment! Discover these 5 secrets that can transform your meetings today!



Video Highlights:

  • Ideal for groups or meeting leaders who struggle with protracted, inefficient meetings
  • Great for individuals or groups
  • Use as a supplement to an instructor led training workshop or as a stand alone training tool

In This Video Learn to:

  • Role model timeliness in your meetings
  • Use incentives to encourage timeliness
  • Involve other meeting participants in time management and overall facilitation of the meeting
  • Use tangible tools to efficiently manage the discussion
  • Develop agendas that encourage brevity and focus
  • Use facilitation techniques to tactfully curtail lengthy discussion
  • Ask critical questions to steer the conversation in the right direction
  • Use strategies to encourage meeting participants to come to the session prepared

Supplemental Training Opportunities:

  • The purchase of this video entitles the client to a 10% discount on a group training workshop (expires one year from date of video purchase)
  • Follow up training workshops include “Creating Meeting MAGIC!” and “Transform Your Meetings!”

Approximate run time: 12 minutes
Price: $29.00
Shipping: $4.99
Format: DVD – NTSC format only


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