Facilitation Skills for Those Tricky Meeting Situations (especially for women)

As businesswomen we’re constantly leading meetings charged with guiding a team towards a common goal. But what do you do when you’ve got a group of difficult personalities to contend with in your session? This can be a particular challenge for women leaders who constantly balance the need to address issues firmly and confidently with the desire to remain poised and tactful. If you’re frequently flustered with difficult personalities in your meetings and not quite sure how to manage them effectively, this presentation is for YOU! We will explore powerful techniques for managing the following tricky meeting situations:

  • How to deal with the slacker/unprepared meeting attendee (case study presented)
  • Managing the dominator without shutting them down
  • Reigning in the rambling attendee and keeping your meeting on track

When you use these tips and techniques, you will not only benefit through increased productivity but also enhance your credibility with your team. Whether you are new to the workforce or a seasoned executive, these are the facilitation secrets you need to know!