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Leadership Skills Training Tips and Best Practices

As a corporate trainer and keynote speaker who has worked with many leaders, I’ve learned that leadership deficiencies often boil down to a lack of balance in the leader’s focus on task and relationship.  Here are a few key tips that I share in my leadership skills training:

  • Figure out your “Leadership DNA”.  Just like being left or right handed, most of us have a natural tendency towards either the task or relationship end of the Task-Relationship Continuum (see below).  The key to maximizing your leadership effectiveness starts with first understanding what your natural style is so that you can better understand its strengths/weaknesses and take steps to make improvements.

  • Work to strengthen your weaker area.  If you’re naturally a more task focused leader, work on strengthening the relationship side and if you’re a more relationship focused leader, work on strengthening the task side.  This might sounds simple, but it’s definitely easier said than done.  If you’re naturally right handed, learning to write with your left hand is possible, but it’s difficult (and will likely feel very awkward and produce poor results for quite awhile).  The question becomes…how do you do that?  Let’s say, you’re naturally a more task driven leader.  You might consciously take 15 minutes every morning to walk around to cubicles to greet team members and chat about non task related topics.  Consider planning a team building event or team retreat focused on relationship building.  Start a monthly or weekly team lunch offsite with the rule – no shop talk! Consider seeking out a mentor who might be naturally much more relationship focused so you can serve as a bit of a role model.
  • Solicit candid feedback from your team and peers.  The truth is that you can’t fix what you don’t know about so ask others to provide honest, anonymous feedback on your performance and effectiveness as a leader.  Oftentimes, our perception of ourselves is quite different from how others perceive us so take the time to get an accurate view of your strengths/weaknesses as perceived by those around you.

For more information on the 3 basic leadership styles, watch this video that share tips included in our leadership skills training:

For more tips on how to enhance your leadership style, watch this video that share tips included in our leadership skills training: