No More Slackers!!! Building a Culture of Accountability within Your Team

Managers and team leaders are charged with building and fostering a team of highly accountable individuals. Unfortunately, too often they’re saddled with “slackers” who simply don’t follow through on tasks or action items as promised.  This presentation explores this issue and provides specific facilitation techniques that you can use to foster a culture of accountability within your team.  It is this “culture of accountability” that encourages each team member to place a higher priority on following through on tasks, respect due dates, and ultimately focus on coming through for the team every time!  We will explore the importance of action items – how to document/assign them the right way and how to manage them on an ongoing basis.  We will also explore different options for how to communicate with the slacker team member and provide a recommended approach that insists on accountability while maintaining positive relationships.  Don’t let slackers drag down the productivity of your team.  Learn some effective techniques to easily address that behavior and begin using them immediately!

This topic can be presented as a full-day training or a 1-2 hour speaking engagement.