Organizational Change Training - Change Management Tips and Best Practices

Organizational Change Training | Change Management Best Practices

Most organizations are constantly undergoing some sort of change and too many struggle with it.  Managing teams in the midst of change can be a challenge so here are a few tips and best practices that I share during my organizational change training events.

Increase communication during times of change.  Most leaders make the mistake of canceling meeting and letting the rumor mill run rampant during times of pending change and transition.  Do just the opposite! Provide more opportunities for staff to ask questions, share opinions, make recommendations, or even vent about potential changes.

Don’t change what doesn’t need to be changed.  Too much change is stressful for anyone so don’t change what doesn’t need to be changed! Sometimes small things (like keeping the same payment process or the same building location or the same meeting time) can make a big difference so only change those elements that really require change.

Explain the why behind the change.  In my experience working with teams I’ve found that even if people don’t agree with the rationale for the change, it helps them process and accept the change if they understand why the change is happening.  Don’t just tell staff what is changing but also explain why.

Take time to listen. It’s critically important to listen to staff to hear their concerns, fears, and anxiety about the change.  Talking about these issues can be a critical part of helping staff move through that anxious period and move towards fully embracing the changes.  Listening to staff feedback can also provide a great opportunity to incorporate their suggestions and recommendations.  It’s dangerous for leaders to make decisions in a vacuum.  Incorporating staff suggestions not only often improves the end product but it also makes staff feel valued and involved in the process.

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