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Welcome to the Professionalism Matters’ Resource Center, a comprehensive library of articles and videos related to project management, meeting facilitation, team building, and communications. Explore the topics below for tips, techniques, and best practices. Please bookmark this page for future reference and check back often for updates.

Meeting Facilitation Videos and Articles

YouTube-logo-1Managing Difficult Meeting Personalities | CNN interview

YouTube-logo-1Managing Rambling Meeting Discussion

YouTube-logo-1Handling the Late Meeting Attendee

YouTube-logo-1Tips for Developing Team Ground Rules

YouTube-logo-1Positive Reinforcement for Team Stars

YouTube-logo-1Meeting Ice Breaker

YouTube-logo-1Tips for Soliciting Participation | How to Get Team Members to Volunteer

YouTube-logo-1Using Ground Rules to Encourage Accountability

YouTube-logo-1Managing Action Items to Increase Accountability

YouTube-logo-1Action Items to Encourage Accountability

YouTube-logo-1Providing Support to Encourage Action Item Completion

YouTube-logo-1Managing a Dominator in a Meeting

pdficon_smallHow Do You Get Meeting Participants to Follow Up on Action Items?

pdficon_smallHow Do You Deal with Participants Distracted by Cell Phones, PDAs, etc?

pdficon_smallHow Do You Handle a Group that Won’t Speak Up?

pdficon_smallAre You Leading Meetings That Tend To Start Late?

pdficon_smallHow Do You Deal with a Dominator?

pdficon_smallHow Do You Manage Rambling and Keep Discussion Focused?

pdficon_smallHow Do You Discourage Cliques on the Team?

pdficon_smallHow Do You Get the Group to Reach Consensus?

pdficon_smallHow Do You Manage a Dominating Boss in the Meeting?

pdficon_smallManaging the “Meeting from Hell”!

pdficon_smallHow Do You Lead a Conference Call the Right Way?

pdficon_smallHow Do You Get Team Members to Come Prepared to the Meeting?

Leadership and Team Building Videos and Articles

YouTube-logo-1You have a slacker on your team … Now What?

YouTube-logo-1Goal Setting | Staying Focused on the Goal

YouTube-logo-1Motivating Your Team

YouTube-logo-1Building a Culture of Accountability on Your Team

YouTube-logo-1Delegation Tips

YouTube-logo-1Leading Without Authority

YouTube-logo-1Leading by Example

YouTube-logo-1Clarifying Team Member Time Commitments

YouTube-logo-1Managing Action Items to Increase Accountability

YouTube-logo-1Defining Success Early

YouTube-logo-1Influencing Without Authority

YouTube-logo-1Encouraging Creative Thinking in your Team

YouTube-logo-1Tips for Non-threatening Communications

YouTube-logo-1Team Communication Tips

YouTube-logo-1Team Communications Activity

Can My Problem Employee Be Saved

You Might Be A Weak Leader If…

The Delegation Dilemma

The Thoroughbred Leader

The Secrets to Motivating Teams During Difficult Times!

Conversation Crutches

Project Management Videos and Articles

YouTube-logo-1Using Technology to Help Manage Project Management Tasks

YouTube-logo-1Signing Team Charters to Gain Buy In

YouTube-logo-1Enforcing Team Charters

YouTube-logo-1Defining Scope for Your Team/Project

YouTube-logo-1Using Ground Rules to Encourage Accountability

YouTube-logo-1How to get team members to volunteer

PM Skills for Leaders

Four Common Rookie Project Manager Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

The Project Manager’s Guide to Dealing with Difficult Sponsors

Change Management

YouTube-logo-1Leading Change

YouTube-logo-1Resisting Change | How much people resist change

YouTube-logo-1Change Management Team Activity

YouTube-logo-1Stages of Change Acceptance

YouTube-logo-1The Futility of Fighting Change

YouTube-logo-1The Stress of Change

‘Just for Women’

Special Report: 2015 Working Moms Work-Life Balance Report

YouTube-logo-1Three types of dysfunctional personalities in meetings (Introduction)

YouTube-logo-1Leadership skills for women (Part 1) | Managing dominators in a meeting

YouTube-logo-1Leadership skills for women (Part 2) | Managing a dominating boss/senior manager in meetings (Part 2)

YouTube-logo-1Leadership skills for women (Part 3) | Managing ramblers in a meeting

podBoss Buy-in | SEGMENT 4 | #73

podDrawing Boundaries | SEGMENT 3 | #73

podProfessionalism Matters | SEGMENT 2 | #77

Entrepreneurship…It Takes a Village

To Unplug or Not During Vacation

Drawing Work Life Boundaries with Your Boss…Smart or Suicide?

The Lazy Entrepreneur

Should I Start a Business

Seven Deadly Sins of Newbie Entrepreneurs

The Mommy Contract

Sick Day

Having it “All”…Fact, Fiction, or Fantasy

The “95% Unplugged” Vacation

Personal Productivity | Professionalism

YouTube-logo-1Professionalism/Productivity Tips

YouTube-logo-1Best Practices for Managing Email

YouTube-logo-1Email Etiquette | Best Practices for Sending Email

YouTube-logo-1Voicemail Etiquette

YouTube-logo-1Time Management Tips

The New Time Management Model

Death of Professionalism