Secrets of the Thoroughbred Leader…Are You One?

Think back to the best leader you ever had. Did they have a magical quality that made you want to walk on hot coals if they asked? Do you have those same leadership qualities? Oftentimes, we assume that being that “great leader” is out of reach for us because we don’t have that charismatic personality, but that’s not true! Most of us can dramatically improve our leadership abilities and become the leaders that teams love by rebalancing our task/relationship focus. This presentation explains why the “Thoroughbred Leader” is not only respected but embraced. We will share characteristics that define the “Thoroughbred Leader and explain how their approach differs from other leadership styles. You will learn intervention techniques that leaders can use to manage delicate conflict situations and also learn why it’s critical to establish team charters. You will leave with specific tools and techniques that you can implement immediately to enhance your leadership skills!

This topic can be presented as a full-day training or a 1-2 hour speaking engagement.