Team Building

We work with clients to customize team retreats to address their specific needs. Most retreats combine elements of:

  • Strategic Mission, Team Goals, Team Charter Development
  • Professional Development Training and Skill Building
  • Team Building, Networking, and FUN!!!

If you’re tired of the same old retreat, consider one of our unique themed retreats…

Salsa Invigoration – This retreat incorporates a salsa lesson provided by a professional instructor. The dancing lesson provides context for a discussion of leading and following direction, clear communication, being flexible in the workplace, and many other topics. This retreat is so much fun – your team will be talking about it long after the event.

Billiards Competition– Sometimes your group just wants to have some casual fun in a relaxed environment. Pairs play a few games of billiards, then the entire group reconvenes to discuss what they learned and how it relates to the workplace. Sample topics include…importance of having a strategy, knowing the rules before you start the game, assessing your strengths/weaknesses, assessing risk early, and many other topics!

Improv Experience – If you’re looking for a completely different retreat that gets your team to open up, express themselves, think more creatively, or improve their speaking and presentation skills, this is it! Guided by a professional improv comedian/actor, the team learns basics of improv comedy and participates in several hilarious sketches that certainly push them “out of the box”. Concepts learned here will not only help your team members at work but also in life! They will thank you for the experience.

Scavenger Hunt Adventure – If your group needs some healthy, fun competition outside the workplace to get the engines going, this is the perfect choice. The scavenger hunt provides opportunities for individuals or groups to compete against one another in an exciting, fun filled environment….there are plenty of prizes for the winners!

Whether your team suffers from…

  • Unclear goals
  • Poor interpersonal dynamics
  • Constant conflict
  • Poor communication
  • …or just plain dysfunction,

…we can customize a team retreat to fit your needs!

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