The Mommy Contract

If you’re a busy mom trying to do everything “right” but feeling like you wish you had a “reset” button, this presentation is tailor made for you.  We use contracts all the time – anytime we work with a company, sign a service agreement, or make a large purchase.  They’re used to help clarify what’s expected, what’s important, and how services will be rendered.  Too many moms (and busy women in general) need that same contract…with themselves!!!  In this presentation you’ll hear an engaging story about a real life mom who was busy managing home life as well as her own business when she decided to develop her own “mommy contract” with 5 specific tenets to help guide and prioritize her activities.  You’ll be inspired to develop your own “mommy contract” (whether you’re a mom or not), to help you stop and think about not just what you want but who you really are.