The NEW Time Management Model

If you feel like your “to do” list is proof that you’re losing the time management battle on a daily basis, you may be stressed but you’re certainly NOT alone!  Most of us struggle with how to get it all done each day and feel exasperated when we realize that WE JUST CAN’T DO IT ALL!!!  The bad news is that most people run around like a hamster in a wheel trying to find ways to check off their tasks as quickly as possible.  The good news is that there is another way – a totally different way – to approach time management.

The NEW time management model introduces 4 key steps that focus the individual on effectiveness more than efficiency.  The model encourages you to ask yourself key questions like:

  • Am I doing the right things?
  • Am I getting the biggest bang for my minute/hour/day?
  • Am I leveraging other resources that could do this better/quicker than I?

If you need a real paradigm shift to help you truly better manage your time, this session is for you!

This topic can be presented as a full-day training or a 1-2 hour speaking engagement.