Work Life Balance Tips | Keynote Speaker Dana Brownlee

Work Life Balance Tips from Keynote Speaker Dana Brownlee

Virtually every professional woman I know is struggling with the same challenge – work/life balance.  It seems they’re wondering if it really exists or is just a cool phrase that everyone throws around.  As a corporate trainer and keynote speaker who focuses (among other things) on helping clients improve their productivity and efficiency in the workplace and beyond, I was particularly interested in analyzing the issue and coming up with THE BEST, most practical tips to share.  Even more pressing were my reality of trying to juggle mothering a 3 year old and 8 week old while simultaneously running a small business, responding to clients, doing laundry and ummmm showering?  The cup certainly runneth over and all of a sudden I understood what all the hype was about!

I developed the Working Moms’ Work Life Balance Report based on my survey of 500+ working moms.  The report shares amazing findings and some really cool work life balance tips from real working moms.  Here’s a sample of the findings:

  • 2/3 of respondents indicated that work seems to win in the work life balance struggle
  • Probably the most intense/visceral comments received in the survey came when we asked working moms to respond to the question, “What do you think your spouse/partner least
    understands about your day to day struggles?” The responses clearly underscored the importance of the role of dads/partners and just how much moms need help to help keep “the ship” running smoothly. Similarly reflecting this need for connection and support, our respondents also listed their spouse as the person they’d most crave more time with if given a choice.
  • Working Moms Have Lots of Stressors…and Finances are #1
    Top 5 Stressors for Working Moms
    1. Finances – 21%
    2. Childcare/kids’ education – 13%
    3. Career trajectory/upward mobility –12.5%
    4. Marital/relationship issues –11%
    5. Body image concerns – 10.5%
    Just looking at this list of the top 5, it’s clear that the sources of stress are plentiful and varied.
  • Working Moms are Stressed…AND Happy! 83% of respondents characterized themselves as “fairly happy” or “ecstatic”!
  • Many commented that “work life balance is a myth” and even suggested alternate wording like “Work/life integration” or “Work/life harmony”.
  • Most respondents acknowledged the craziness and constant stress of their day to day life but
    also insisted that they appreciate every element of their lives (and really enjoy all the moving parts). Many respondents seemed to suggest that they wouldn’t trade their life
    for anything – they just wish they had more time to devote to each area.

I’ve definitely learned that finding simple short cuts/solutions can make a HUGE difference so I’m sharing some of my favorite work-life balance tips in these videos.

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